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Hip Hop Samples and Rap Samples. Find Dirty South Samples,Kick Drum Samples,Snare Samples,Hi Hat Samples,808 drum kicks. Get all of the samples you can find and load up that library of sounds Find Rap Samples from all over the world.
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Welcome to Samples365, the ultimate website for hip hop samples and and rap sample libraries from around the world.

Just added, Hip Hop Drum Loops that will give your beats the hot feel you need to sell more hip hop beats.

Here you can download Hip Hop samples, rap samples,drum kick samples,snare samples,dirty south samples,hi hat samples,crash samples and much much more.

We have brought together samples from all over the internet and you now search and find hip hop samples,rap samples and dirty south samples online.

You can find hip hop sample kits,rap sample kits and brass sample kits and guitar sample kits for all of your music production needs.

Whether you need drum loop samples or guitar loop samples, you can find them on Samples365.

All samples come in categories of 808 samples,Dirty Kick Samples,Dirty Guitar Samples,Brass Samples,Guitar Samples,and percussion samples online.

Find Rap Samples and Hip Hop Samples all on one site and come back and shop often.

Find the samples you need and the hip hop samples that you can use in your music

When you need hot rap samples,hot hop samples,hot rnb samples,mpc drum machine samples,roland mv-8000 samples.dirty south horn samples, come to Samples 365 to get your hot samples for your beats!Drum Kits|

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Samples365.com goal is your one stop shop for all samples,sounds loops and kicks. We also have sound effects snares,hi hats and rnb sounds. Producers you will find a wide variety of samples that you can purchase individual kits and samples. Be sure to check the website daily as we add new samples and sections to the wesite.
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